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Statement Vessels

Personalization has emerged as a key trend in design as homeowners emerge from the pandemic with a renewed sense of what they want in their homes. People have become more adventurous with their design choices, and want rooms that reflect who they are and fill their needs.

Nowhere is the desire for a personalized space more important than the bath. While most clients look for a spa-like feel in the master, that term is getting an upgraded definition, with elegant finishes and calming, earth-toned colors getting a much-needed update. Guest and powder rooms designs are also getting more adventurous, with bold wallpapers, intricate tile and colorful fixtures and fittings getting a nod.

The bath sink, once a utilitarian fixture that knew its purpose and performed it without fanfare, is re-emerging in new shapes, textures, patterns and materials, providing a dizzying array of choices. Vessel sinks, in particular, are providing a wow factor that continues to push the envelope when it comes to making a statement.

Some of the trends being seen in vessel sinks include:

–Vessel sinks are no longer just round, with angular squares and geometrics joining softened ovals and asymmetrical shapes.

–Bright, bold colors are enjoying a surge in popularity, especially in the powder room where homeowners look for elements that make a statement.

–Many vessel sinks are now designed to do double duty, allowing them to sit on top of the counter or be semi-recessed for a different look.

–Metals and metal-looks are everywhere, with copper, brass and stainless leading the way.

–Vessels in all materials are often sporting texture, whether its waves or ridges on solid surface or hammered finishes on metals.

–Matte finishes are giving sinks and other bath fixtures new life, in a range of muted tones that often reflect the colors of nature, with a particular focus on matte black.

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